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Knowledge Sharing and Informal Learning

Learn how to embrace knowledge sharing and organic learning in your company to slash your training costs and boost the learning productivity of  your employees. In this 4-step approach, we will show you how to implement a culture of learning, how to deal with the explosion of information and knowledge in your organization and how to engage your employees to share what they know. Discover from a practitioner who ran one of the largest social learning / knowledge sharing programs in the world proven best practices for sales enablement and employee-driven learning. Download >

Gallup Webinar: How to Drive Employee Engagement. Lessons Learned from World Class Organizations!

In this webinar you will learn from Gallup how the world’s very best companies engage their employees. Facts and data about the economic cost of disengaged employees and the importance of breaking down departmental silos and capturing  the expertise from your team.

Case Studies

  • Sales and Marketing Readiness

    Sales and marketing teams are drowning in a flood of collateral and information. Critical sales information gets buried in emails, binders, and intranet sites. Sales opportunities are lost because best practices aren’t shared between disconnected team members, and critical marketing messages are not communicated to customers. See for yourself, how your team can find the most relevant sales & marketing information, and best practices. We connect sales reps working on similar opportunities, and enable marketers to focus on creating the right content in the sale process. Download > 

  • Best Practice Sharing and Informal Learning Formal training alone no longer works. It is expensive and ineffective and studies show that employees retain very little. Today, most of the learning happens on the job, informally and organically but companies do not provide a “learning-on-the-go” tool for their employees. HummingbirdShare ignites scalable, cost-effective, and collaborative learning, allowing employees to learn from each other at their own pace. Download >

  • New Hire Onboarding and Training

    New employee training is very time-consuming, with limited ability to be delivered in a scalable, automated manner. See how new employee training becomes automated and scalable, reducing the time  and cost to get new hires ready and productive by providing them with relevant content and access to the people they are going to work with. Download >



Calculating the ROI of Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Learning

See how you can benefit from real tangible cost savings and incremental revenue opportunities by using HummingbirdShare. We will provide you with your custom calculation addressing your needs and circumstances. Request Your ROI Analysis >

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