You have an online marketplace.  Do you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, create a loyal customer base and get instant feedback from your customers?  It is not only possible – in fact, it is becoming a necessity.

In a poll conducted by Deloitte, 82 percent view the customer experience as a competitive differentiator. Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator!

Here are some key learnings to take into account:

  • Customers are the best source for feedback to drive product enhancements and innovations:

What do your customers think of you and your products? Online customer community portals serve as a key source for customer feedback, new product offerings, and innovation. Michael Schrage from MIT even suggests that you even have the ability to influence who you want your customers to become.

  • Superior customer experience unlocks substantial revenue opportunities:

According to The Business Impact of Customer Experience, revenue impact from a 10 percent improvement in a company’s customer experience score can translate into millions of incremental revenue.

  • Getting your customers engaged and learning from them in real time, all the time:

Customers have a vested interest in learning from each other. Most communities are text-based and miss the fact that people want to share and consume information in different formats. Let your customers share videos about how they are using the products they purchased from you, which enhances the vibrancy and the engagement of the community and let’s your customers learn from each other. This will open new opportunities for engagement with your customer community members as you learn, first hand, about their experience with your products.

  • Social features create organic connections:

Let your customers comment on how community members are using your products. Ratings provide valuable feedback for you, showing which products are valued and why. The use of social features enables and facilitates the natural / organic connections between content and community members. How nice would it be if your customers and customer service professionals had a single source for information to answer questions about your products and features?

  • User experience matters – simplicity:

When establishing an online customer community, ease of use drives engagement. Simplifying every day activities such as adding content and watching videos is an important part of the “secret sauce” for a vibrant customer community. Reducing friction will help customers engage with each other, allowing your team to actively participate in an ongoing conversation. Not only solves it the problem of customers finding the right information, but also your customer agents can monitor conversations and contribute with suggestions.

With www.hummingbirdshare as your customer community portal, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront!

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